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    Mathraki Resort

    We present you our delicious homemade dishes that are served in a family atmosphere.

New Beginnings

Our Story

George and Maria Argyros lived in New York and were working in Manhattan diners. When they returned to Corfu, they had only one thing in mind: to create a job that would keep them there for good. In 1979 Mathraki Resort started operating with a small unit of 2 apartments. The accommodation got expanded with 28 more apartments, a swimming pool and a restaurant. The addition of the restaurant brought George and Maria back to the job they love the most: cooking! The menu includes local and international dishes, prepared home-style as served for our own family.

Greek Nights

Lets Dance

Throughout the summer, we organize our traditional Greek Nights. These nights mean a lot of food, fun, music and dancing! We all eat together from a freshly prepared buffet and enjoy each other’s company.