Wine List

Wine List

White Wine

  • Grammenos Estate Kakotrygis (750ml)

    Dry / Kakotrygis from Corfu / Characteristics: Fruity taste, cool harmonious aftertaste. Aromas mainly of citrus and lemon blossom. / Accompanies seafood, fish, grilled meats, green salads, lean cheeses.
  • Estate Papaioannou Malagouzia (750ml)

    Dry/ Malagousia from Nemea / Characteristics: Light and tasty, with light aromas of flowers / Accompanies white meat and white sauces.
  • White Dot (750ml)

    Dry / Moschofilero – Malagousia from Peloponnese PGI / Characteristics: Light-bodied, with a cool and peppery taste. Pear and green apple, with rose and white pepper in the background / Accompanies Mediterranean cuisine, seafood, grilled fish, fresh salads and pasta. Also drunk as an Aperitif.
  • Piccolo Mondo (750ml)

    Semi-sweet / Moschofilero from Mantinia / Characteristics: Vibrant, dark yellow color with golden hues. Explosive aromas of grapes, citrus fruit and rose. Rich and rounded in the mouth with brisk acidity accompanied by a sweet aftertaste that cools and refreshes the palate. Accompanies salads, fruit tarts and light desserts. Also drunk as an aperitif.

Rosé Wine

  • Belrose Méditerranée Rosé (750ml)

    Dry / Merlot – Caladoc - Grenache Rouge from France / Characteristics: Extremely intense, very aromatic, fruity, dominated by wild strawberries and cherries, with very light touches of citrus. Accompanies fish, Mediterranean cuisine, chicken and salads.
  • Argyropoulou Libra Rose (750ml)

    Semi-sweet / Malagouzia from Amyndeon / Characteristics: Cherry blossom, citrus & acacia flowers and Honey / Accompanies salads, fruit tarts and light desserts. Also drunk as an aperitif.
  • Crazy Birds (750ml)

    Dry / Agiorgitiko, PGI Peloponnese / Characteristics: Light pink color with aromas of red fruits and notes of herbs and flowers. It is characterized by its pleasant acidity, balanced taste and its long-lasting fruity aftertaste. / Accompanies Mediterranean cuisine, salads, pasta, pizza and a tray of cheeses.

Red Wine

  • Grammenos Estate Nobilos (750ml)

    Dry / Petrokorιtho - Cabernet Sauvignon - Merlot / Characteristics: Rich aromas of red fruits (cherry, plum), vanilla, and spices. / Accompanies red meats, spicy sauces (pastitsada), game, poultry, yellow cheeses.
  • Mountain Fish (750ml)

    Dry / Agiorgitiko, PGI Peloponnese / Characteristics: Light purple color with violet highlights. Aromas of ripe red fruits, with emphasis on wild cherry and sour cherry, framed with aromas of spices such as clove and vanilla. In the mouth, it is equally aromatic, with good acidity, a velvety taste and good structure. It has a long and very fruity aftertaste. Accompanies grilled meats, light red sauces, pizza, spaghetti Bolognese, oily foods and liver.

Sparkling Wine

  • Moscato Artisti (200ml)

    Moschato from Nemea / Characteristics: intense fruity aromas of mature apricot, peach and grape appear as well as notes of flowers and tropical fruits. Accompanies: It can be consumed alone as an aperitif, accompanied by fruit or fingerfood and creamy sweets.
  • Ponte Villoni Prosecco (750ml)

    Extra dry / Glera from Veneto, Italy / Characteristics: Pear, Green Apple, Citrus, Lemon / Accompanies shrimp, pasta with white sauce, shellfish, salads, appetizers, seafood, salmon, Fisherman’s Spaghetti